Bank of Farmington Checking Accounts

Your Choice of Checking

Basic Checking

You pay no monthly service charge and you receive a monthly statement but without your check images. You don't really care about that because you could use duplicate checks and get a photocopy or image of an actual check at any time.

Traditional Checking

If you carry a monthly balance that doesn't drop below $300.00, "traditional" acts like a "basic" account also. But if you do drop below $300.00, the monthly charge is $5.00. You receive a monthly statement and all of your check images – and you can write as many as you like – at no extra charge!

Investment Checking

You may write as many checks as you like and your check images will be returned to you each month with your monthly statement. If your monthly balance never falls below $1000.00, then with this account, we will pay you interest and add it to your account when we balance it. Individuals, nonprofit organizations, sole proprietors, public entities, and fiduciary accounts such as estates and trusts can apply. That's a switch, isn't it?

Money Market

You still receive monthly statements and your check images, but the number of checks you write per month is limited. The minimum balance is $1000.00 and we pay interest monthly based on the balance in your account.


Each depositor is insured to at least $250,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) For more information, please visit


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